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Founded in 1989 by Margaret Hogan as a self-help/support group & network of families affected by either Nager or Miller Syndromes, Margaret’s mission continues today to help FNMS members go from surviving to thriving through the sharing of experiences and information!  If you or a loved one has either of these syndromes and would like to join us as an FNMS Family or Individual Member, contact us via our contact page.

Nager And Miller Syndromes
Nager And Miller Syndromes
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Nager And Miller Syndromes Nager And Miller Syndromes

Winter 2022


is now online!


2023 FNMS Family Conference Colorado Springs, CO

Our Conference Date has moved!  The 2023 FNMS Conference will be held August 3 - 6, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The registration form and current details will be emailed out to all FNMS Member families this week!   


Oct 23
FNMS Angel Gabriel Revis
Heaven has gained yet another FNMS Angel. We are truly heartbroken to announce the passing of Gabriel Revis. Gabriel was for a brief time, an Angel here on Earth. His smile could light up an entire building and he touched hundreds, perhaps thousands o read more

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