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We're Still Here - But We've Moved!

Yes, we are still operating, despite our absence during the year plus of Covid 19.  However we now have a new mailing address!

You can now reach us via U.S. Post at:


33576 Via Corvalian

Dana Point, CA 92629-1637

Nager And Miller Syndromes
Nager And Miller Syndromes
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Nager And Miller Syndromes Nager And Miller Syndromes

Logan's Syndrome

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Award winning film

based on our own Logan Madsen's

experiences is a must see documentary! 

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2023 FNMS Family Conference TBA

Due to the global outbreak of Covid 19, FNMS has rescheduled the 2021 Family Conference for late June of 2023.  The exact location is yet to be announced - so stay tuned!


Oct 23
FNMS Angel Gabriel Revis
Heaven has gained yet another FNMS Angel. We are truly heartbroken to announce the passing of Gabriel Revis. Gabriel was for a brief time, an Angel here on Earth. His smile could light up an entire building and he touched hundreds, perhaps thousands o read more

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